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Larry Winters: Who Is Leadership Team Development (LTD) CEO & Amway Diamond Larry Winters?

Larry Winters | Who Is LTD CEO & Amway Diamond Larry Winters?

First off I would like to say that I am a former distributor of Larry Winter’s Amway team and Line of Sponsorship called Leadership Team Development. When I first got in Amway years ago, I was so fired up to be working with this multi-millionaire networker named Larry Winters.

My direct up line sponsor always talked about him and the lifestyle of freedom he had lived for years. If we simply followed his instructions and leadership training system then we would be financially free and be living the dream just like Larry and the others who followed him.

larry winters

Larry and his wife Pam Winters, joined the Amway Global business back in 1980 when they were contacted by their good friends Bill and Peggy Britt. Although it took them over 15 years to hit the rank of Diamond pin, they got it done.. Something most distributors can only dream of achieving. They never quit, they showed the plan as much as possible, shared the products with friends and family members and are now living the unexpected life of their dreams.

Larry Winter’s LTD Team

The Winter’s are great network marketers, some of the best. The one time I did get to meet the infamous Larry Winters, the crowd was just drawn to him. His jokes were hilarious, the confidence in his company and business team was displayed through grateful comments to all of us. Everything he was teaching just made perfect sense.

Larry Winter’s LTD team teaches you how to host and invite people to hotel meetings, grand openings where you sell Amway products, and one-on-one prospecting calls.

Although all of these tactics work great for me today, there were a lot of marketing skills they use but do not teach their down line. Why is that? So their team continues to purchase the books/CD’s and function tickets month after month to “learn the secrets”.

Larry Winter’s Amway Team

The LTD team has professionally branded up websites, blogs and graphic design as well. So why is it that they don’t teach their beloved distributors how to brand themselves as leaders, setup a blog and use online marketing tactics? I mean, we are in 2012 people.. if your still only using hotel meetings to show the plan, you are going to get passed up by online marketers fairly quick.


Since he is the owner of an Amway training system LTD and a double diamond, Larry Winter’s is supposedly earning “multiple millions” of dollars each year… although, if you look at the top 500 earners in the MLM industry, Larry Winter’s Amway Diamond account is nowhere to be found.

My Amway sponsor told me he was making $500k/mo thru his Amway business alone… but long story short these guys are making their millions at the events they hold, the CD’s and training’s the produce.  Can you make money in Amway? Yes! Of course…

Just know that there are other avenues for you to build a true residual income…

To the top we go!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

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If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

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20 thoughts on “Larry Winters: Who Is Leadership Team Development (LTD) CEO & Amway Diamond Larry Winters?

  1. ok my question to you is how much money are you making? They dont hold functions month to month. They do functions every quarter of the year just like alot of businesses. The only reason you made this blog is because the system didnt work for you. I know if you were making the money as a platinum,emerald or diamond this blog wouldn’t exist and you would be just fine with Larry Winters and the LTD team.


    1. Hey Buddy, I am actually platinum in Amway but I switched it to an LLC and simply have enough customer PV to get paid each month but I don’t actively build it. You should buy my new book if you want to learn how to make money in MLM. I don’t debate over blog comments if you want to chit chat about Winter’s and his little monthly book & CD system give me call 772-626-4271. – Joe


    1. Hey Dennis. Last I checked he was a Diamond on LTD under the Snipes team. Not sure if he is still qualified, all companies have had roller coaster rides these past few years… good and bad! Thanks for stopping by my site. Joe 772-626-4271


        1. Hey thanks for stopping by! Yep people stop ordering their 50-150 points each month or quit the Amway business altogether… If you hit diamond and fall back to lets say platinum your upline and downline still calls you Diamond to show prospects its “long term” residual.

          Love your blog on the tools scam, I’m working with Brig Hart in his new USA Association (not sure if you’re familiar with it but if you type USA in my search bar up top under header) and I know he was a huge proponent of Amway tool scam… even in MonaVie when Dallin Larsen made Brig sell or remove R3Global from the training altogether so he could create a corporate tools and training system known as MVP lol… Pretty funny that Brig sells his distributorship a few months after MVP replaces his R3Global. -Joe


  2. the fact that you publicly humiliate someone to market your deal tells a lot about your integrity. Maybe you should learn a little bit about leadership and integrity before even using the word leadership 🙂


  3. i read your book 2x it was so inspirational i find myself at 56yrs old and broke and i have a lot of ideas on ways to make money my problem is i cant decide which to put my full interest in i know passion is important but i need money now desperately no electricity eviction notice i guess what im asking without to much detail is i need money for what i really want to do the other is to make money with little money but not really what i want HELP


  4. bill britt sponsored someone who sponsored someone, who sponsored someone, who sponsored someone, etc. and this lead to Paul miller being 6 in depth from britt. Paul miller sponsored someone, who sponsored someone, who sponsored someone, etc. and this lead to larry winters being 5 in depth from miller. All the people between britt & miller except for 1 couple. . . quit. All the people between miller & winters . . . quit. Thus miller is not frontline to britt, but winters is frontline to miller. Winters was never sponsored by britt.


  5. Clearly you are someone who didn’t succeed and you are trying to trash talk about the Winters which makes no sense because clearly they succeeded.. so not sure why you feel you have to try to tear them down or complain about their success to make you feel better 😂


  6. Being in the know I find it amusing that people sell out to a dream that is actually a fantasy. Another oddity Amway bylaw 6 states that you can not own or be a distributor involved in another multi level system, but Winters LTD can profit from multilevel marketing and it is okay? Amway claims the education systems are separate from Amway, if so IBO’s should not be able to push LTD and create an income while being registered with Amway.


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