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Mike Bundy: Who Is Amway Diamond and LTD Leader Mike Bundy?

Mike Bundy: Who Is Amway Diamond and LTD Leader Mike Bundy?

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Hey gang Joe Stewart here coming to you today with a brief article about Mike Bundy. So who the heck is Mike Bundy anyway? Mike Bundy is the LTD or Leadership Team Development Co-Founder and an Amway Diamond. Mike and his wife Susan Bundy have been active in the Amway Global business for over 25 years now and hit the ‘Diamond pin level’ after being involved with the company for 22 years.

What is cool about their story is that most people quit network marketing after their first 6 months involved. Once they realize it is not a ‘get rich quick’ kind of deal, they unleash their ‘inner wussy’ and run back to that job or college scam… Mike and Susan Bundy on the other hand stayed the course for two decades, climbing to the top of the Amway compensation plan and earning millions of dollars in the process.

Who is Mike Bundy from Amway?

So like I stated in the summary, Mike Bundy is the co-founder or leader of an Amway approved training system called LTD which stands for Leadership Team Development. LTD was founded by Mike Bundy’s longtime friend and sponsor into the Amway business a guy named Larry Winters, who is also an Amway double diamond last time I spoke with him.

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Through their LTD Training system, they host weekly ‘open meetings’ all across America. This is where Amway IBO’s or independent business owners, invite guests and prospects to either find out how they can start their very own Amway business or purchase the products as a preferred customer.

I’ll be honest gang… Amway was my very first network marketing company, and Mike Bundy just happened to be my Diamond upline! So you are probably wondering if Mike Bundy and his leadership team development system are right for you? Or more importantly if what they are teaching you even works?

Obviously Amway has turned out OKAY after 50 something odd years in business through these hotel meetings and grand openings held at IBO’s houses. Yes these systems work! They are just slow and the hard way to build a huge business FAST!

Can Mike Bundy’s Tips Get You To Success?

Here’s my best analogy:

“You can cut your grass with scissors, a lawnmower, or hire a lawn crew.”

You see, Mike Bundy and his LTD Team teach you how to build your business slow like cutting grass with scissors… It took them 22 years to hit the $150k per year mark in Amway. Was it worth it? You bet.

But then you hear stories about David Wood & Dave Sharpe taking their residual income from Empower Network to $250k per month in a year flat.

What is the big difference between what David Wood & David Sharpe did?

Allow me to let you in on a little ‘secret’ that Mike Bundy doesn’t even know…

They adapted to a 21st century style to build their business.

They create online or digital real estate, allowing highly qualified prospects to run across their blog site just like you are on my blog today. They get their material and business presentation across thousands of people each and every week.

What would you prefer? Hosting a little hotel meeting once a week for the rest of your life or create enough digital real estate to where your MLM business grows on complete autopilot?

I will see YOU at the bank!

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