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Meet Me In Atlanta @ The FITTEAM 2016 All In Event Apr. 15-16!


I’m Calling YOU Out!

Come Meet Us In Atlanta & Hangout With Everyone in FITTEAM! You will learn how to build a residual income for YOU and your family.. the best part is you don’t have to wait til Atlanta to start making money from home!

If you’re ready here’s what I want you to do:

First I want you to click here & go to my website then enter your info.
When you get to the other side of the page, watch the 2 quick videos, then scroll down to where it says “Ready to get started?”

Do you see it?

Okay I want you to click that and it will direct you to my main page where you can click Shop or Become an Affiliate!

Do that, order 2–4 boxes for you and your friends, and register for the Atlanta Event!

Can’t wait to meet some of you there! This event this past weekend was a game changer… seeing the new branding, packaging, website & so much more rolling out soon! All of this will take FITTEAM from good to GREAT!

I honestly liked the old look of FITTEAM too but hey… the best just got better baby…

I’ve been in the industry 6 years now.. signed up under my dads name when I was 17 lol the past six years all I have been looking for was a solid product, corporate team, and vision that I could get behind.. if there was something better I would be involved!

Believe that!

So if you’ve gotten this far… Who’s ready? Scroll back up & click the link!

Joe Stewart FITTEAM Affiliate

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How To Get Your FaceBook Friends To Stop Ignoring Your Posts!

Do you write amazing content, post sexy selfies, or upload epic videos to your Facebook, just to have your friends scroll right past it?

Now if you’re not a marketer then this post doesn’t really matter… if you’re just posting selfies/viral videos like everyone else on FB, guess what… you will be ignored!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to get more likes, comments, shares AKA eyeballs on your posts… if you’re a marketer and you are using to build awareness of your new book or product, you want all of your FB friends or fans to see EVERYTHING you post!

  • The first rule is pretty basic. If you don’t want people to ignore your posts, you can’t ignore their posts either! When you scroll your newsfeed, like and comment on relevant posts. If someone got a new job, started a business, got engaged, be engaging! (No pun intended lol) But if you want people to pay attention to your posts, pay attention to their posts.
  • Loosen up a bit. If you are talking to your Facebook friends in a tone that makes them feel like they are only a customer or client, they won’t respond to your posts. Use their first name, say “YOU” etc… but focus on the people not your product or service… use attraction to pull them to ask questions about your products.
  • Make new connections. If people are frequently engaging on your FB posts, you want them to continue engaging with you for year to come! I typically message them and say something simple like “Hey there just wanted to reach out & let you know I really appreciate you supporting my posts everyday.. looking forward to your future posts as well!” Just something simple like that to break the ice.
  • Use images that catch the eye, invest in graphic design for your photos and fliers. Use PicMonkey or similar sites/apps where you can add font. This is great to add quotes, your domain name, or edit the picture.
  • Ask your audience questions. This can be done thru private FB messages when you are getting to know a new FB friend. By asking questions, you learn what problems your target audience has. Then write an article like this, or record a video that solves your audiences problem. That is how you get paid! Solving problems. Bonus tip- Ask questions in a FB post.. this will obviously increase the amount of people who comment and engage. When people like/comment on your posts, they are more likely to see your next post.

Just remember what Gary V says, Jab Jab Jab, right hook… what he means by that is give, give, give… value, something for free, then hit them with the right hook (ask for sale)

Hope this article gave you some ideas to get more eyeballs on your future Facebook posts!

Joe Stewart Author of Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book FITTEAMJoe Stewart Author: Create Your Own Economy

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Using Bonuses and Giveaways in Your Marketing (Only for Real Gangsters)

times square NYC
Slidin thru Times Square

Hey everyone, Joe here!

Sorry for the delay in posting. If we are connected on Facebook you probably know I was up in New York for a few days visiting the city, and doing some work on my next book with my co-author Mr. Terrence Freeman.

My other business partner Korey Niese out in St. Louis and I are putting the finishing touches on the bonuses we are giving away to people who join us in our respective ventures.

This is a trick I learned from Darren Little a few years back. If people have to pay $49 for your product/affiliate status, you want to put together bonuses worth 10X more than what they pay. People can’t say no whether they are focused on their respective biz or not. Many will buy our products for the bonus alone, and never log in their back office.

We are okay with that.

Others will catch the vision, enjoy the personal performance products and stick around for life simply because of the VALUE. They won’t have to be rock star recruiters, or paid ad gurus… all they have to do is giveaway bonuses, point and direct people to a video aka be a ‘tour guide.’

Unlike most marketers these days… no fear tactics needed here, just value.

Those on the outside will be looking in at us like:

“How do they turn profit with giving away ALL THAT FOR FREE?”

Gurus will hate us, leaders will lock arms & noobies will win here.


korey niese's twitter marketing domination
Korey Niese’s Twitter Bonus

That is when this gets fun!

We will be giving away Korey Niese’s Twitter Marketing Domination product, my Facebook Marketing Concepts DVD, a copy of my book ‘Create Your Own Economy‘ along with a professionally branded graphic design of your choice. Most people get banners for their blog or Facebook cover, other people might want a banner ad to place on the side of their blog and so on.

We wanted to give people a broad range of courses and options they can choose with their bonuses.


This will put money in your pocket, and your new customers will not only appreciate you for giving away so much stuff, but they will continue to buy from you time and time again because of their first positive giveaway experience with you. I have run promotions like this countless times where I giveaway free paperback copies of my book to the next 2-3 people who join my team… it creates a sense of urgency, and it’s fun!

It makes you look like a cool marketer who’s not only in it for the money. Your prospects will be like “Hmm these guys are giving away social media courses, Free books, Free graphic design work, they must have money to be able to do all of this cool stuff!”

Your prospect WILL NOT join you if they feel you are broke. What vibes are you giving them with your Facebook statuses? Are you coming off as broke, desperate for sign ups?


If that’s the case, latch on to what I am teaching here and start leading with value folks… it’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING for a reason!

If you just take the time to create some training courses and videos for your team, package it up into a HUGE product bundle that looks very valuable and expensive that they can’t get anywhere else, they will be happy to join your team because of the VALUE.

No value=no sign ups.

See you at the bank…


Call or text me: 772-626-4271

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Viral Marketing For Dummies | What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing For Dummies

viral marketing blogBeing creative is one virtue a site must possess to lead the race in the ruthless competition in the online marketing space. With so much competition and rivalry going on, every method of marketing must be employed and utilized.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or an amazing website design, if people don’t know that you exist, it doesn’t matter, and you are not going to make it big.

While there are many methods and schemes used by these online marketing sites, there are still some of those that can help you with an extra boost in the popularity ratings. One of these is called Viral Marketing.

While the word viral easily depicts a virus, a word very much dreaded by all computer owners, it is not what it seems. You do not actually use a computer virus to spread your business; on the contrary it just might kill you. Everyone has had enough of all those pop up ads and spywares.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a marketing technique used to build the public awareness of your product or company. They use many forms of media to reach out to the public without actually promoting the product by riding on in other forms of addictive means that could get a person hooked and feel obligated to actually pass it on, with the product or company advertisement along with it.

In a nutshell, companies ride on the idea that if people like the content of a media they will pass it on to their friends and family. They sponsor the certain media, such as a cool flash game, funny video, amusing story and such, which one may pass on to another with the company brand or logo or the products description or any other content to help promote the company or its product.

Viral marketing has become a popular means of advertising and marketing because they are relatively low cost. To avoid being tagged as spam mail, viral marketing counts on the eagerness of one person to pas on the product. If a person sees the name of the person they know as the sender, they won’t block it and open it as well.

Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and rebates when they help in spreading their viral marketing. They rely on the number of recipients a viral marketing gets from one person in determining the amount or number of incentive they can be attributed with.

Using Viral Marketing In Your Business

what is viral marketingThe main and foremost advantage of viral marketing is that you get a lot of publicity and public awareness about your site and your company. You get to generate a flow of traffic that are potential customers. With a little ingenuity and imagination, plus some incentives or prizes, you can reach out to a great number of people and announce your existence.

Almost every website and companies are catching on to the effectiveness of viral marketing and advertising. Not using it could kill your business. Along with other schemes and methods in promoting your site, like SEO and so on, viral marketing could easily push you ahead in the rating games.

Viral marketing could be an easy way to get people to know about you and your company. You get them to pass your advertisement along. They are also very low cost that not investing in it could be downright a business suicide.

All it takes is a great idea, a good addicting game, a funny story many ideas are still out there. Create a buzz, many movies are promoted by using scandals and gossips to make them popular. Remember the movie “The Blair Witch Project”?

Many big companies have tried viral marketing and have had many success stories with it. A classic example is Microsoft’s Hotmail. They were the first known big company to utilize the scheme and it has worked wonders for them.

Now it’s your turn to use viral marketing to work wonders for you. Act now and reap the benefits Viral Marketing will provide for you and your sales figures!

I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

joe stewart


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“Your friend on the inside…”

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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Tell A Friend Script | Can This Drive Traffic to Your Site?

Tell A Friend Script 

tell a friend script Many webmasters have the typical dilemma on how to increase the amount of traffic to their websites. During the last few years many methods that have been developed to solve this predicament. While most of them would work there are those that would not make even a small impact.

One of the methods that have created multiple success stories in driving traffic to websites is viral marketing. Viral marketing is what happens when a person would share something to find informative, entertaining or amazing on their social networks or through email with friends.

Many companies bank on this behavior to spread their products and increase the popularity of their company or their website. Viral marketing makes use of many mediums in enticing this behavior. It might be in the form of an interesting story, an addicting flash game, an amusing video and many others that may catch a person’s interest.

This form of marketing is typically low cost and is a wonderful tool for any company to use. The benefit greatly overshadows the cost or efforts to initialize this marketing tactic. Any website would greatly benefit while being in the middle of a viral marketing campaign.

Using The Tell A Friend Script

tell a friend scriptOne of the easiest methods in viral marketing is using a tell a friend script. This is a simple programming script that you can attach to the programming of your website. Generally, tell a friends script are installed in pages where a media is placed so that a person can easily send the media to any of his friends or his family members.

The basic concept of a tell a friend script is a script where a person may input his name, e-mail address, the recipient’s e-mail and send the media to the intended recipient much like an e-mail with an attachment. As the recipient receives the e-mail, they would not think of the mail a spam mail because he would see the sender’s name as someone he or she knows and trust.

Tell a friend script greatly reduces the chances of being blocked because they use the information inputted by the sender. This allows for wider spreading of this marketing method. It can be quite sneaky but it is very effective.

Also along with the mail would be a brief description of the company or site that sponsors the media sent. This allows for the introduction of either the site, company name or its products. Then along with it, is another tell a friend script.

Then the process begins again. As more people use the tell a friend script, more and more people will know of the existence of the sponsoring company or site. People who read the ads inside the mail who liked what they see would go back and click on the link and visit the site. This drives traffic into the site resulting to great number of potential customers.

Tell A Friend Script Availability

A tell a friend script is very simple and does not require a complicated method of programming. In fact, you can usually copy paste a script and simply put it on an intended page. Finding one is even simpler. All you have to do is go to a search engine and type in the search box “tell a friend script” then press enter.

In the search results page you will see many links that will direct you to a site where you can get your own tell a friend script. It would just be a simple matter of looking and searching for the script and copying it to your intended web page.

With a tell a friend script viral marketing strategy you can drive traffic into your site which could potentially spell profits. This is a simple harmless script that offers great benefits for low cost paired with great creativity and foresight.

It is imperative that you have patience in using a tell a friend script. If your chosen media does not get the mileage that is expected of it, it may take some time before it gets spread or shared. But surely many people will see your ads and there is great probability that they will visit your site increasing your traffic flow.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about using a tell a friend script!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

joe stewart


Call or Text: 772-626-4271

“Your friend on the inside…”

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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Key Tips On How To Start An Online Business

Key Tips On How To Start An Online Business

how to start an online business
The Laptop Lifestyle

In this brief blog post about how to start an online business, we will look at what must be done in order to succeed online.

This formula is very simple and one that people do not pay enough attention to. By explaining what to look for online, this will be a good way for you to learn how to start an online business.

When you are looking at how to start an online business, you’ll first want to look at a particular field which you are interested in. You’ll want to see whether or not there is a great deal of competition out there because this could affect your decision to get into that particular field.

When you are deciding to start your own online business, you want to look for a field in which there is less competition so that you can come in with cheap but effective marketing and dominate that niche.

big fish little fishIt is often easier to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. There are many different ways that you can make money on a website in this article will show you a couple of those different ways.

You can decide to sell products online which you can find through wholesale distributors. You are also able to advertise on your website and sell ad space using programs such as Google’s Adsense. You can even sell your own products through websites such as Yahoo, eBay, or Amazon websites. I was actually able to publish my first book through Amazon, and marketing it with their platform and authority website was very easy with the right advice.

Another key when you are looking at how to start an online business, is to make sure that you are continually testing and retesting your website. Once you design your website, you cannot sit back and wait for the sales to come in. You want to test and retest the difference ways in which you have your pages and website built to make sure that you are taking advantage of the traffic coming into your website. If you do not do this, you are leaving money on the table.

The final key when looking at how to start an online business is how you decide to market your website. There are many companies which you are able to buy traffic from at a very low price and this can be a good way to supplement your natural search engine traffic.

I personally do online network marketing, and my company provides me with 6 free marketing websites. This gives me the freedom to generate quality leads, track where my traffic and sales are coming from, and also make sales and earn an income.

It’s also fun! What I like best about it is that anybody can do it whether they are fresh out of high school or maybe older and looking for a way to supplement their income and possible retire early.

Click here if you want more information about my company.

The way to build natural search engine traffic is through writing articles, blogs and developing back links. Back links are links from other websites to yours so that when search engine search bots are indexing webpages, they will find the links to your web site and index your pages.

If you work on finding and under served niche, it is easier to pay for traffic bought from online marketing firms as well as move your way up in the natural search engine pages. You want to make sure that you are developing both a good site and its contents of the people will want to read what they find and then continually return to your website.

This is a simple formula in your search on how to start an online business.

I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

joe stewart


Call or Text: 772-626-4271

“Your friend on the inside…”

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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Network Marketing: Should You Use Classified Ads for Free Leads?

What are Classified Ads?

classified adsClassified ads are short advertisements that are usually placed in newspapers and other publications for marketing reasons. People involved in network marketing use classified ads to peak their interest about the work at home opportunity they are providing so that they can prospect these potential business partners.

Most of the time, the use of a classified ad is not to make the sale right away, but to create curiosity about your product or service. Contact information is always provided with the classified ads where people who are interested can call and seek more information.

These type of follow up methods are what will finally close the sale or help recruit the person into the opportunity.

These ads are different from the conventional ads of corporate companies that are seen commonly. The high cost is definitely one of the reasons for that… corporate ads have a mega budget which solo or even teams of prominent network marketers couldn’t afford.

However, these network marketing classified ads will also try to make the best of the ad space they get by putting in as much copy as they can. While corporate classified ads go for visual appeal, small business classified ads go for appeal of the words
used in the ads.

What are the Pros of Using Classified Ads?

pros and cons
What are the Pros and Cons?

The price to run classified ads are typically very cheap. These ads can be run for several days continuously in the same newspaper which can make the advertiser offer you a bulk package where your exposure is better.

A classified ad will be visible to a huge audience from different walks of life. Even some people who the advertiser may not be actually looking for may end up being interested in the opportunity.

In any case, classified ads can open up new vistas. Classified ads can also bring targeted prospects if they are placed in special publications that are meant only for classifieds. No one is needed to keep a classified ad campaign running. This reduces employee costs.

What are the Cons of Using Classified Ads?

If the advertiser is not able to further the prospecting campaign after the classified ads, it can be a waste of time. People who are interested in the classified ads will usually call up the number provided.

If the advertiser does not have the skills or the resources to impress them at this stage, the campaign could fall flat and be burdensome on the financial resources.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about using classified ads to generate MLM leads!

joe stewart

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

Apply to Work With Me! (You’ll be glad you did 😉 )

P.S- Buy My New Network Marketing Book



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Ever Fail In Network Marketing?

I did. I fell flat on my face again and again and
again until I was about to pull out my hair in total

I had done it all: cold calls, parking lots, flyers,
banners, hotel meetings and parties… you name it.

I even tried to get grandma to just try the products…
and after she said “no”… I was done!

I was about to throw in the towel on my dreams of
financial independence when I was told about this
refreshing new take on MLM.

You really have to flush what you “think” you know
and just go take a look because it really is different,
refreshing and unique for a change.

It’s only $39 to join and $39 a month to be “all-in” and active with no
increases in your auto ship ever required

They guarantee you a minimum monthly check
once you have 4 people on your team to cover
your auto ship expense (up to $40/month).

join epx body

Get 5 paid team members in your first 30 days and
you are guaranteed to earn at least $1000/month
within your first 6 months or they will refund ALL of
your auto ship expenses, up to $40/month (only 2
have to remain active for the 6 months)!

They have a tremendous marketing system that’s
complete with an autoresponder, contact manager,
tracking and much more… all 100% free…

…and you can even outsource your marketing
through the company itself
with our new PHP
Co-op that enables you to get highly qualified
prospects right from your back office!

This is changing the entire industry!

There really is too much to talk about here – so
check it out for yourself…

…and sign-up fast because this is going viral as
we speak!

Let’s Get You Started RIGHT NOW!

I will personally call you and welcome you to the team

when I receive notification that you have joined.

Then we will set up your first coaching call so we can help you get your new EPX business into rapid fire momentum!

Joe stewart

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271


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Some Ideas on How to Advertise for Free

Some Ideas on How to Advertise for Free

Advertising for free seems almost too good to be true at first. But there are several ways that the cost of an advertisement can be minimal, with the help of some imagination and creativity.

A new business that is building on a budget, but paying for advertising still being a necessity, can write articles related to their field of expertise that can be submitted to media and publications that pertain to that particular field. The advertising article can have information about the company and opportunity.

advertise for freeDue to the rise of people using the internet and websites, new websites have launched which offer free services. Articles can be written for these websites and they can be broadcasted for free, which will be viewed by hundreds of people everyday.

Once the business has gained some momentum with consistent work, it will gain popularity among your target market whether they live in your area or not! Pretty cool, huh? This popularity can lead them to being invited on radio and television talk shows and even to interviews. For example, an article I wrote months ago landed me an interview on a popular website called Syndicated News.

Opportunities like these shouldn’t be missed as they provide a chance for free promotion. If it is taking a long time to get a break, the producer can be addressed with a letter that can be followed up by a telephone call or in-person visit. During the visit, your experience and credibility can be discussed about the business, which will be of interest to the viewers of the particular channel. Once a businessperson gains the status of being public-friendly, more offers start pouring in.

Be on the look out for free bulletin boards located in the neighborhood, like in grocery stores, libraries, the gym or salons, are some more good ideas. Advertising circulars can be posted on such boards for free. Circulars for mass distribution can be handed out at the mall, shopping center, bus stops, particularly on weekends when there is a big rush. Students can be hired on part time basis for this purpose.

Promotional advertisement can be printed on the envelopes used by the business firms. Both the sender and the receiver will see your advertisement. Promotional offers can be sent to customers by postcards, which should be utilized to its full, leaving only place left for writing the address.

Some of the new mail order publications offer free first time and seasonal deductions for advertisers. Other publications offer pay per inquiry space. Inquiries can be made about stand-by space, which means that the publication holds the submission of advertisement until the space is not sold and in that case, thirty three percent saving can be achieved. Usually local newspapers provide these kinds of offers.

If the business is involved in ad sheet or catalog publishing, other publishers can be contacted for the purpose of bartering for an advertising barter agreement of some kind. They can place advertisement in their publication, in return for placing their advertisement in the business’s publication.

Free offers should always be provided to the customer. Everybody loves stuff for FREE! This can be done by emailing or printing a newsletter about information regarding the area of interest of the targeted customers and can be made popular by using tag lines. Put a free coupon with it, which the customers can use for shopping, if a criterion is met like minimum purchase of lets say $50.

By this the response will be huge and most of them will purchase something or the other to avail the free offer. The basic ingredient for advertising for free is imagination and research. Opportunities should be searched and a strong working force should be applied to increase the sales.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about some ideas to advertise for free!

joe stewart, joey stewart

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

Apply to Work With Me! (You’ll be glad you did ;) )

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An Article About Blogging: Is Blogging Dead or Can YOU Profit from a Silly Blog? :)

An Article About Blogging

about bloggingSo if you found yourself on this blog post today then I would assume you were probably on the internet doing some research about blogging. Maybe you are wondering how to setup your very own blog, or trying to figure out how so many average people are blogging to generate an additional stream of income for their family. I didn’t even realize blogs had the potential to be profitable until early last year.

Ever since I started this blog about 6 months ago I have had people calling me each and everyday asking for more info about my products and businesses. I have also made extra income when people come to my blog and buy an information product, or service I have for sale.

Benefits of Blogging

When you have a blog setup about your particular niche (for example this is a home business/online marketing blog) you will begin attracting like minded people to your website. Although blogging is definitely a long term strategy, you can notice some results if you consistently blog for 90 days in a row.

If you take some time to learn SEO or search engine optimization, you will learn how to rank your blog posts on the front page of Google and other popular search engines. This will give you free, targeted, and long term traffic to your website! Why pay for driving traffic to your website when you have hundreds of articles ranked on the front page of Google for free?

What is really cool about blogging though, is that once you publish an article it is on the internet forever! You are building up what us online marketers like to call ‘digital real estate‘. Just like owning multiple real estate properties, where people pay you a monthly fee to live there, when you have hundreds or even thousands of piece of this digital real estate, people will be finding your blog left and right! I am sure a few of them will click on your banner ads or hyperlinks to your product or service, and if your offer is good enough they will whip out their credit card and BUY!

Blogging for Profit

So now that you know a little bit about blogging, and the benefits of blogging, you are probably curious as to how people actually earn an income from blogging. There are actually many ways you can go about doing this, from promoting affiliate programs on your site or a network marketing companies product or opportunity. You can put banner ads on the top, left, right hand side of your blog with whatever affiliate program or product you are trying to promote.

For example since my blog is based mostly upon home based business and online marketing, I would market a home business training course whether it be a webinar, E-book or audio course. If you want to make money in your niche find the biggest problem in your industry (the pain) and then provide them with the solution (the painkiller).

If you are promoting a network marketing product and opportunity, you can again ad banners to the top/bottom or side of your blog. I recommend the ad being linked to a capture page where your prospect can enter their name, email and phone number etc so this way you can stay in touch with them and build the relationship.

xyngular review

Also make sure it sends them to an overview video or presentation. Sending them directly to the signup page without the chance to watch an overview or any type of company presentation won’t work!

Trust me I have made this mistake before and wondered why nobody was joining! Let the capture page generate the lead for you, and then let the presentation do all the telling and selling for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief article about blogging!

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

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ATTN! Are You Looking to Start a Business? Click here:

ATTN! Are You Looking to Start a Business?

Dear Future Top Earner,

Not reading this article could cost you millions! Seriously.

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy
Joe Stewart- Went from failing marketer, to building teams in the thousands and then wrote a book about his mistakes and successes in his home business.

Hi, I’m Joe Stewart and I want to welcome you to this page personally because I believe your life is truly about to change by the end of reading this letter.

If you are not looking for a change then you should probably exit this page.

There was once a time when I was broke, hopeless, and couldn’t even afford to put food on the table, let alone pay my cell phone or internet bill.

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If the economy has got you down, or you lost your job and you are struggling to pay your bills like I once was, I have a solution.

Let me ask you a question:

What do you think about when I say home business or making money online?

Does it scare you?

Does the thought or idea excite you?

What if I told you, that you can get your own ‘turnkey‘ business for only $25?

Doesn’t the thought of that just excite you?

Its really a no brainer, right?

You see, what most people don’t know is that the tax laws in the United States are setup for business owners, not the wealthy. Everybody is complaining that taxes are too high, and ‘rich’ people are getting all the breaks…

Although this is true to a certain extent, people who are self employed and running a business from their home receive similar tax benefits… just like the wealthy!

So lets be real for just a second here guys…

Is spending $39 today to take control of your financial future, have more freedom in your life to spend time with friends and loved ones, and receiving tax advantages worth it to you and your family?

It’s not like we’re trying put a man on the moon here.

We are simply enrolling people into the fastest growing industry in the United States today.

Think about that for a second.

So now that you can see for yourself why investing $25 to open a business today is a smart move, let me tell you what is included in our low cost entry system:

-Free Training and Guidance from Professional Marketers & Entrepreneurs

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-No need to worry about stocking up on product, shipping product, or manufacturing anything!

-There are no fees for your marketing system at all. This includes a contact manager, auto responder, tracker, downline manager, and more.

-We have custom business cards, shirts, brochures, and flyers at A VERY low cost even compared to Vista Print and other competitors.

-Its a COMPLETE turnkey business.

Get YOUR own turnkey operation here:

Get Your Turnkey business

YOU owe it to yourself and your family!

Can you really leave your future in the hands of some job or 401k?

I didn’t think so!

It is time to take action and secure your financial future TODAY!

What do you have to lose?

Get started here.

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

Online Network Marketer

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FREE Copywriting Training: How to Copywrite Even if You Suck at Writing

FREE Copywriting Training: How to Copywrite

how to copywrite Copywriting is a skill in which you can only master through practice and education.  If you find that you’re a good writer, the only nuance is that you must learn is how to write in a way that sells.  Within this article today on how to copywrite, we will look at a couple of different books which you can look into it as well as tutorials and lessons on the Internet.

Copywriting will not be easy to learn and it is a lifelong subject which you will continue to improve at if you work at the subject.  To paraphrase a quotation from Stephen King, he said that copywriting, really writing in general, is a subject that you continue to improve on. It would be similar to lifting weights for 10 years. You will develop muscles.  If you write every day for a certain period of time, you will develop writing skills to the point where you become a very good writer.  If you focus on copywriting and write everyday, you will become a very good copywriter.

Books on How to Copywrite

The first book that I would like to recommend in copywriting tutorials and lessons would be the “The Copywriter’s Handbook“. This is a great book for you to read because it will give you an introduction into copywriting as well as learning what it will take to write the different types of advertisements. Copywriting is a very broad field in that what you write could be anything from direct mail, blog content all the way to public relations materials.

Another book which you should look into is simply called ‘Copywriting‘. This book is a little different, because it explains both what it takes to the copywriter as well as how you need to develop ideas and structure copy. This is a more fundamental book that focuses on what you need to do as opposed to explaining the different types of advertising like the first book did.

Free Copywriting Training

If you cannot find these books within your local library, take a look at the following resources. One website e is:

Another resource where you can look for copywriting tutorials and lessons is:

This is a website which has a great deal of information as well and has elicited positive testimonials from different students. If you look online, you can find a great deal of websites which will offer you free tutorials written about how to write good copy. This is probably the most critical skill when you are looking to start a website because your written words are going to be the engine which drives your online sales.

You can have all the flashy graphics and animation that you want, but if there’s no content, people will only spend a certain limited amount of time on your website.  It is the people who write good content who have the greatest success.

Copywriting is a skill which takes persistence and a desire to continue learning due to the sheer volume of information on the subject.  This can make it exciting because you can always learn something new that can help you improve your writing and make more money.

Hopefully this article on how to copywrite is something which can help you!

joe Stewart, joey stewart, author

Joe Stewart




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Article Marketing: Can You Get Leads and Sell Products by Writing Articles?

Article Marketing: Can You Get Leads and Sell Products by Writing Articles?

Hey guys, Joe Stewart here with a brief blog post about the benefits and results you can achieve by article marketing. This is a very efficient method to advertise your professional services, the products you are selling or simply to help you find a better job is writing targeted articles.

what is article marketing

These articles that enclose at the end a short presentation of you or your business can be about various solution to actual problems, about everyday life and so on. There are many sites to which you can submit these articles to, or if you have a database of your customers emails, just drop them an email containing the article and a link to your personal site or professional site.

What is Article Marketing?

The articles can generally be copied from one article submission site to the other as long as the content belongs to you and you are not stealing another author or bloggers work. The only condition is that they must keep their original form, no altering, along with your presentation. This means actually more visibly and it is exactly what you need.

The more interesting the article is, the more people will read and remember it. Even if you don’t have experience with writing, there are some aspects that can make you try it:

-Writing a technical article puts order in your ideas. You will have to coherent and state clear ideas and proper explanations.

-It will make you improve the way you speak.

-It will bring you visibility to your website.

-If it’s written well it will surely help someone.

-You can prove your knowledge in your professional areas this way.

Publishing articles means they have to contain highly useful information and just a little bit of advertising. If you don’t follow this rule, you might end up with an article that won’t get published on other article marketing directories, which you can then only put on your homepage.

buy what's working now MLM

There are other things you could do with article marketing if you are willing to spend some money. There are different publicity sites, ranked high in search engines that for a fee will publish your article on their site for a limited period of time. The fee is not high usually, and you get much more visibility to your main website this way.

But if this choice is the one that appeals to you the most, you must make sure the article you write is really good, so good that it can compete with all the other articles on that site. The user can see them all at the same time and you must think of ways to make him choose to read yours. If you have tried and you are not confident you can do it on your own, you can always hire a professional.

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world my friends…

brig hart

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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No Monkey Business: What is Social Monkee?

No Monkey Business What is Social Monkee? 

what is Social Monkee

Hey my friends you have got Craig Ronaldson here doing a guest blog for my good friend Joe. I’ll try too hard not to monkey around on here, so we’ll get straight to the point.

If you are running your website and not getting the views you want, and can’t seem to find your website anywhere online, than there is a good chance that A. you don’t have enough backlinks going back to your site <- like that back link will take you back to my main website or B. you aren’t putting it out there for people to see.

What is Social Monkee?

So what is Social Monkee? Well Social Monkee is a website that allows you you to spin and send out your article to over 25 different website giving you two things, back links and more traffic, views and sales at some point!

That is insane!

So you write your article and then send it out to your list, submit it to Social Monkee, and then they send it out to over 25 different sites! If that doesn’t help your views and increase your ratings than I don’t know what will my friend!

Imagine how many targeted views you will have after sending your article to all your websites plus all the other websites of Social Monkee. This is a true upper hand in the SEO game.

How Much Does Social Monkey Cost?

buy what's working now MLM

Getting over 25 back links per blog isn’t free, but hey if you cant afford a one time, teeny weeny seven dollar fee for 25 backlinks to an endless amount of blog posts you publish, then I would not be surprised if you are not serious about your business. and probably just treating it like a little part time hobby.

The Social Monkee program is cheap, very easy to use with step by step video instructions on the inside. This website has helped numerous different entrepreneurs get their message out there to the world. So if you don’t have the views you want or aren’t where you want to be on the Google charts, stop by Social Monkey and get your backlinks going today!

May Success Be With You!

what is social monkeeCraig Ronaldson “The MLM Jedi”

772 240 4311

Marketing Mentor, and All Around Cool Guy!