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New Facebook Reactions: After users request dislike button, FB rolls out reactions late Feb 2016

Facebook Reactions? FB rolls out reactions late Feb 2016

Have you been on Facebook today?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of checking it daily… I’m addicted I’ll admit it.

Hopefully for the right reasons though.

As of Feb 24th you can hover over one of your Facebook friend’s posts and try to like it… do you see the option to like, love, wow, haha, angry etc?

facebook reactions fb love button fb wow button fb sad button fb angry button

I’m not sure how this will effect Facebook’s algorithm and edge-rank but I will come back and update this as I learn more.

The picture below is what the emoji options look like for liking a FB status moving forward. What are your thoughts guys?

Also, I am giving away signed copies of the #ASKGARYVEE Book if you want to enter.

Best of luck to everyone!#AskGaryVee Book SQuad One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness. Joe Stewart Facebook author create your own economy network marketing MLM

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How to Promote Your Posts on Facebook: Sponsored Stories

Ever wonder why you see some of your friends statuses as the first thing when you log into Facebook?

Maybe you have noticed the text underneath it that says “Sponsored” and were wondering how you could sponsor important posts from your Facebook news feed, so that almost all of your friends will see the status update.

Watch my quick 4 minute video below so you can learn how to promote your Facebook status updates as well!


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I hope to see YOU on the beaches of the world…

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FaceBook Marketing Tips from Author/Affiliate Marketer Joe Stewart

Watch my video below to see how I make money by simply connecting with people on Facebook chat, and how I use Facebook statuses to peak people’s interest so they literally message me asking for the link to join my team or buy my products.

Always keep it real and be authentic on Facebook! People hate to be sold, but at the same token, people LOVE to buy! I know its hard at first because everybody thinks direct sales or affiliate marketing is all about sales or marketing, but in reality I have made 99% of my sales by simply getting to know someone and asking them questions about their family, job, what they do for fun and so on.

Once you get to know somebody without pitching them for your biz opp every 5 minutes, they somehow feel obligated to ask you what it is that you do, which now gives you the option to tell them a little bit about it and see if they are open minded to taking a look and seeing if they would be interested in doing business with you.

Enjoy folks!

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Daily Marketing Routine for Home Business Owners

Daily Marketing Routine for Home Business Owners

daily work from routineHey guys, I am doing a quick blog post today for the people on my board of directors in my marketing team. I had some people on my team asking me for some daily action plans about what they should be doing each day to grow their existing network, as well as expand their team throughout different states or even countries.

*Note, I am writing out this daily marketing routine for members of my front line organization. But if you are in a similar network marketing company, feel free to use these tips with your own marketing websites, giveaways and other promotions etc.

It is so cool that we have the opportunity to open up sales and distribution channels throughout all 50 states just by marketing via social networks, and offline marketing methods. The power behind this time leveraging system, and our automated marketing funnel is one of the many secrets of the rich!

The automated marketing funnels just make it even better, because we can be having a beer on a cruise somewhere, all while fresh leads and people sold on home businesses are opting in to your capture page then being directed to the 6 minute millionaire video, and then being almost ‘commanded‘ to join EPX immediately after the video. You are now making money on complete auto pilot! (The automated marketing website I am talking about is your Get EPX site with the 6 minute millionaire video/$1,000 giveaway).

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Facebook: Obviously we all use Facebook each and everyday. Why not get paid while we’re online? I usually join Facebook groups pertaining to our industry such as MLM, Home business, network marketing, online marketing, health and wellness and so on. Once your a member of these Facebook groups, you can write a quick 3 lines about the product or company you are promoting. The 3 lines that have proven to work best are:

1.Here is what I got (Groundbreaking home business/new software etc)

2. Here’s what it is going to do for you (Help you earn extra cash, learn REAL marketing tactics)

3. Here’s what I want you to do next (Click the link & enter your name and email for more information.

While you are on Facebook you should also go over to your Facebook chat bar, and message old high school friends or people from work. Don’t pitch your new business right away, just see how they are doing and catch up ask them questions exactly like you normally would. Then maybe when they ask “what have you been up to?” or “Where do you work these days?” etc, you can then talk about your business and peak their curiosity a little bit.

My Facebook Marketing Tactics

Again, even if they are not interested in starting an online business and getting the awesome tax benefits we do 😉 still tell them to enter their name and email into your GetEPX website so they are entered to win $1,000. As long as they enter their correct email into the marketing page, they will be sent pre-written emails that tell them more about Why EPX is the best home business, why the timing and product is perfect etc. You will be surprised how many people sign up just after reading these professional emails that the company drips to them.

buy what's working now MLM

YouTube Marketing Tips

With YouTube, I normally record myself giving testimonials about our products, the ingredients, etc. You can also record videos about making money at home, how to lose weight, work out tips, basically anything related to health, wealth, fitness, supplements, or anything similar to what EPX has to offer. During these videos, be sure to have a call to action in the middle to end. Tell the viewer to click the link below the video (paste a link to your GetEpx page) and enter their name and email.

i.e “So here’s what I want you to do next…”

Click here for my YouTube Marketing Secrets

twitter marketingTwitter Marketing Ideas

Same thing with Twitter marketing strategies, you can post a few lines about your product or business you have to offer. You have 140 characters including the text to your link to get your message across, but still Twitter is a gold mine for people looking to make or spend money online.

Offline Marketing Methods

First off, brochures, T-shirts and other offline marketing methods are VERY affordable, and you can place them at local bulletin boards around campus, your job or community. You don’t have to go door to door and become a crazy salesman guy to make money in a home business. Let the brochure do all the telling and selling for you.

You can also buy business cards, car decals, or anything you might need to market your business. (Talk with your tax guy about the benefits of having a decal promoting your home business on your vehicle since it is now your “company car” 🙂

I use personalized labels with my name, phone number and website instead of writing the info with a pen to maintain a professional image. These brochures can also be placed in car windows, bank tellers sometimes allow brochures on their desk. Look at local businesses and see if they have different business cards and brochures on their desk, these places usually allow us marketers to leave a few brochures on the table.

Weekly Webinars/Conference Calls

Every Monday at 9pm EST we have live, weekly conference calls and sometimes Google Hangouts with some of Empower Network’s top producers. You can share this link with people who have questions about EN or want to see what all the buzz is about.

I hope this training has helped everyone! I will add some links to more resources and update this post as we move forward and methods get revamped or change. You guys rock!

I look forward to seeing everybody on cruise ships & the beaches of the world this year, because we are riding a HUGE wave with Empower right now and for those of you who have been doing home business for a while now understand how much money is up for grabs!

Let’s Rock this thing!

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What is Facebook: Is it the Most Famous Social Network?

What is Facebook: Is it the Most Famous Social Network?

facebookIndividuals, of all different ages, enjoy meeting and communicating with other internet users. Despite the fact that individuals of all ages use the internet to socialize, there are certain groups of individuals that do more than others. Those groups of individuals include students, both high school students and college students. For that reason, it is only fitting that there should be a social networking website that has a focus on these particular individuals. That networking website is known as Facebook.

So What is Facebook?

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking websites over the last few years passing up Myspace and most of Facebook’s competition. That popularity is mostly among high school students and college students, mostly because Facebook focuses on these individuals in particular. With Facebook, you are required to register for a specific network. That network can either include the high school or college which you attended or are currently attending.  Once you have joined the website, you should easily be able to make contact with others who are in the same network.

Facebook: The Pros and Cons

The network in which you join can be considered an advantage of Facebook, as well as a disadvantage. Facebook does not work like most other social networking websites. Instead of being able to communicate with all site members, you are limited to contact with those that are in your particular network, the high school or college you that selected. The creators of Facebook state that this is for your own safety. Although it is safer for your profile and personal information to be viewed by a small number of individuals, you may not necessity want it to be that way.

Although a large amount of focus is placed on high school students and college students, Facebook has added another popular feature to their website. That feature is workplace networks. By joining a specific workplace network, you will be granted access to other community members who work for the same company as you. This feature is nice, especially since many companies have become large corporations or expanded across the country. You may be able to make contact and become friends with a long-distance coworker that you never knew you had.

Another aspect of Facebook that you may find inconvenient is their lack of available information, before you decide to become a community member. You should easily be able to obtain additional information on Facebook, before making the decision to become a member. This additional information may include how Facebook works, why you should become a member, how the invite process works, and general rules and restrictions that are in place.

If you are interested in joining the Facebook community, you should do what you should do with all other social networking websites, research.  By taking the time to research and examine everything that Facebook has to offer, you should be able to decide whether or not this popular networking community is what you were looking for.  There is a good chance that it will be, but if not, do not worry. There are literally an unlimited number of other social networking websites that you can join.

I hope you have enjoyed this article that talks about what Facebook really is.

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